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Evan Blair, Chief Business Officer & Founder @ ZeroFOX

Evan is the co-founder of ZeroFOX and currently runs the worldwide channel sales organization. Evan spends his time with customers, industry analysts and partners solving the security challenges and risks that social media presents to the modern business. Risk that span everything from hacking and fraudulent accounts to phishing and information leakage.

Evan has spoken at industry conferences around the world including the RSA Conference, McAfee FOCUS, SINET and has been featured by the New York Times, The Atlantic, Forbes and other major publications.

It's a Digital World: Engage Securely

Social Media and digital platforms have become key business technologies used to drive customer engagement, e-commerce, recruiting, brand awareness and more. Growing your businesses’ engagement on these channels is crucial to building a business that can compete in the digital age, but just as important as growing your engagement is protecting it. Marketers are the front lines for their digital business, and this keynote session provides an overview of malicious activity on digital programs, their growth alongside the growth of digital business impact, deep dive into risks they should be on the look out for when engaging with customers, sharing content and encouraging employee advocacy – and what can be done about it!

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