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Alex McNab

Alex McNab-Lundbäck, Head of Social Media @ Mærsk

Session description

When brands are compassionate, informative, responsive, supportive, and emotive that can drive the strongest resonance and affinity with all audiences across segments. Mærsk embraces this to the fullest to engage and empower stakeholders, customers and ‘fans’ (yes, Mærsk does have ‘fans’). Alex will tell you how the Mærsk social media strategy is, and has to be, more than just a digital billboard – but a powerful, connective voice with their audience that significantly helps elevate the Maersk brand as well as protect its reputation.

Session Takeaways:

  • The importance of building trust and engagement with your audience
  • Why user-generated content is a vital component of social media marketing
  • How identifying, recognizing and honoring all audiences and adapting content accordingly can have an exponential positive brand impact.
  • Empowering influential employees (advocates) in your company to further spread brand messaging.
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